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Longevity*, Joint Strength*, Liver Detoxification*, Mood and Brain Function
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DetoxificationSupplemental SAM counteracts the Anxiety and Depression commonly experienced by persons with Drug Dependence during the detoxification and rehabilitation period [scientific research - humans: 1,200 mg of SAM per day significantly reduced the psychological stress encountered by former Opiate users during their detoxification period].Digestive SystemSupplemental SAM stimulates the flow of Bile. Supplemental SAM (600 - 800 mg per day) helps to prevent Cholestasis (by improving the flow of Bile) [scientific research].Immune SystemPersons afflicted with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) have low endogenous Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) levels of SAM and for this reason supplemental SAM is under investigation as a potential treatment for AIDS [scientific research - humans]. Supplemental SAM helps to protect against Liver Cancer in persons exposed to Liver carcinogens [scientific research - rats].MetabolismSupplemental SAM enhances the health of and normalizes the function of the Liver:- Supplemental SAM inhibits Alcohol-induced Liver damage [scientific research- monkeys]:- Supplemental SAM can prevent and cure Cirrhosis.- Supplemental SAM can prevent and cure Fatty Liver.Supplemental SAM reduces the elevated Bilirubin levels that are associated with Gilbert’s Syndrome [scientific research - humans: 400 mg of SAM administered 3 times per day (=1,200 mg per day) results in a significant decreases in elevated Bilirubin levels]. SAM functions in over 40 biochemical reactions within the body - it functions as a Methyl Donor.Musculoskeletal SystemSupplemental SAM enhances the differentiation of Chondrocytes into Chondroblasts (and Chondrocytes) [scientific research - in vitro]. Supplemental SAM (800 mg per day) alleviates Fibromyalgia [scientific research - humans: 800 mg of supplemental SAM per day caused a significant reduction in the number of trigger points, reduction in Fatigue, reduction in morning stiffness and improvements in Mood in Fibromyalgia patients].Supplemental SAM alleviates Osteoarthritis [scientific research]. Supplemental SAM alleviates Fibrositis [scientific research].Nervous SystemPersons afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease exhibit severely decreased levels of SAM within their Brains (indicating that supplemental SAM may be highly beneficial to Alzheimer’s Disease patients) [scientific research - humans] [further note: it was previously (prior to 1995) assumed that Alzheimer’s Disease patients had excessive accumulation of SAM - this assumption has now proven erroneous].SAM is an essential factor for the regeneration of Axons on Neurons following injury and is also essential for the formation of Myelin Sheaths that surround Axons [scientific research]. Supplemental SAM alleviates all forms of Depression [scientific research - humans: many studies have confirmed that SAM is significantly (approximately 15%) more effective in the treatment of Depression than traditional Pharmaceutical Anti-Depressants for the treatment of Depression]:- SAM alleviates Major Depression [scientific research - humans].- SAM is especially effective in treating Postpartum Depression.Supplemental SAM is presently under investigation as a potential treatment for Parkinson’s Disease [scientific research - humans: Parkinson’s Disease patients have endogenous levels of SAM that are only 60% of the levels of those of healthy subjects].
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