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February is Heart Health Awareness Month

February is Heart Health Awareness Month, and Carlson Laboratories has Everything Your Heart Desires to promote good cardiovascular health. Our product line includes antioxidants that help to combat free radicals, such as E-Gems and E-Gems Elite, essential minerals that help to maintain heart health, and nutrients that help support cellular energy. Carlson also has innovative cardiovascular formulas, such as Rhythm Right and Heartbeat Elite. These products are carefully formulated with nutrients that target specific areas of cardiovascular health.

Fish oils are important to overall health, but especially cardiovascular health because of their unique functions. The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA found in fish oils help maintain healthy blood vessels, help modulate a stable heartbeat, and promote healthy triglyceride levels. Supplementing your diet with Carlson’s award winning Norwegian fish oils is an easy way to ensure you are receiving optimal levels of these important omega-3’s. Try Carlson Elite Omega-3 Gems soft gels, which supply 800 mg of omega-3’s per soft gel. Special Promotions
088395007705 Carlson Laboratories
E-Gems Elite 400 IU 60 sz

60 Soft Gel



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088395016417 Carlson Laboratories
Vffo Soft Gels Orange 120 Sz

120 Soft Gel



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088395016424 Carlson Laboratories
Vffo Soft Gels Orange 240 Sz

240 Soft Gel



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088395016738 Carlson Laboratories
Temp Disc/Fish Oil Q 100 Mg

60 Soft Gel



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088395082603 Carlson Laboratories
Co-Q-10 300mg 30sz Soft Gels

30 Soft Gel



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088395027918 Carlson Laboratories
Niacin-Time 500mg 100 Tablets

100 Tablet



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088395043260 Carlson Laboratories
Rhythm Rite 60 Soft Gel

60 Soft Gel



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Ribose 30-5g Packets

30 pkts



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