How to do a Liver Flush

How To Do A Liver Flush

The following information was taken from a health source.

(Always check with your doctor first)

1. Drink apple juice for three days. For three days eat as normal. But everyday take at least one full quart of high-quality apple juice. The pectin in the apple juice helps to soften and flatten the stones in the gallbladder and liver. Buy the highest quality of apple juice you can.

2. Take Phosfood Liquid. Twice a day, add 45 drops of a product called "Phosfood Liquid" to the apple juice. In other words, you are taking 90 drops a day of Phosfood. Liquid. The phosphoric acid will serve to soften the stones. Follow this for three days. It is easy to divide the quart into two pints, using 45 drops per pint.

If you cannot tolerate that much fruit juice, or are diabetic, use distilled water instead of apple juice, if you use water, and you must increase the amount of Phosfood Liquid. Take 45 drops, three times a day with the wafer. That is 135 drops a day.

WARNING: You must follow this step. If you don‘t take the Phosfood Liquid drops, don‘t go on the program. One woman only followed the last part of the program: the olive oil and the lemon juice. But she omitted the Phosfood Liquid. She passed over 100 stones.

The person who advised her to go on this program yelled at her. "Don‘t: you ever do that again! If those stones are not softened by the Phosfood Liquid before they come out, they will remain hard and can tear the ducts on the way out. You don‘t want this to happen." It is recommended that you follow the entire program. But always check with your doctor first.

3. On the third day after the last meal, mix the following foods together: A cup of high quality olive oil, a cup of pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, and/or natural spritzer. Add the juice of one whole lemon (organic is best). Stir this together.

The pineapple juice or spritzer serves the purpose of helping to get down the olive oil. You hardly taste the olive oil. (This program originally included Epsom salt. But this was too harsh on most people.)

4. Immediately after you drink the olive oil, go to bed for the night. Put your knees up to your chest. Lie on your right side for half an hour. The oil will go to the gallbladder and liver. These organs will not know what to do with all that oil, so they will spasm and throw off the stones. It will be best for you to lay on your right side as long as you can while falling asleep.

5. Take herbal laxatives next morning. The next day, take an herbal laxative to flush the stones out of the colon. In our office we use Colax from Standard Process. You could take this before the program also. The cleaner your colon is, the easier it is for the stones to come out. You can obtain Colax at our office.

6. Colon Cleanse. We have seen better results when patients have colon irrigation prior to the flush. This clears the pathway for stone elimination. We also encourage, after your second flush to have a colonic after the flush. If you have regular, yearly colonies, I would recommend the colonic after the flush.

7. All Females who pass stones and are estrogen dominant (determined by saliva testing) should take A-F Beta Food from Standard Process, three daily, until their estrogen levels become normal.

8. Frequency, if you are really sick (cancer), consider going on this once a month for a few months. Everyone is different. There are no absolute rules. For prevention, go on it at least once a year. Others do it more frequently.

You will notice that the stones often times will be green and float. You could retrieve the stones from the toilet and save them in your freezer. People are always amazed that you passed gall stones naturally.


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