Holy Basil

Holy Basil

Help for Blood Sugar Woes

Diabetes and its precursor condition Syndrome X are both closely related to obesity. Because Holy Basil has a profound impact on maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels, this is another way in which It can help us to reach our often-intertwined goals of improved health and wellness along with weight loss.

According to a clinical study, non-insulin dependent diabetics given Holy Basil experience a "significant decrease in fasting and postprandial blood glucose levels during treatment... compared to during treatment with placebo leaves."

According to Dr. Deepak Chopra‘s website (www.chopra.com), "This simple intervention could have a substantial impact on this common health problem...."

"With Holy Basil, stress levels just go down," says Christine Homer, M.D., an expert in holistic medicine and host of the first-ever nationally syndicated natural health news segment for television, Natural Health check.

According to Dr. Homer, one of the nation‘s leading experts on Holy Basil, researchers have discovered several reasons why the herb is so effective in reducing stress:

"First, Holy Basil helps to relieve anxiety and depression," she says. Research shows Holy Basil can dramatically and rapidly improve anxiety and depression for many individuals. By alleviating anxiety and depression, we become less stressed. When people are beset by anxiety and depression, these severely interfere with normal coping skills; even seemingly small problems can appear insurmountable, perpetuating a cycle of cortisol release. As we gain confidence and mastery over our daily situations, life events become less stressful. "Second, Holy Basil decreases cortisol." When we experience stress, our body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Holy Basil decreases the amount of cortisol released during stress. In other words, it protects your body by preventing a full-blown stress response. Chronically high cortisol levels are very dangerous and affect your physiological and psychological response to stress. Cortisol causes a cascade of reactions that increase the risk of many deadly diseases. Holy Basil is able to counteract many of these reactions. Research shows Holy Basil is able to lower blood sugar levels, especially in type 2 diabetics, and dramatically curb sugar cravings. Holy Basil helps fight inflammation, too. It contains powerful anti-inflammatory phytonutrients called COX-2 inhibitors. Holy Basil can also be of invaluable assistance with its rich supply of antioxidants. "Third, Holy Basil expands consciousness."

Ayurveda reveres Holy Basil for its ability to facilitate expanded states of awareness. This is the aspect of Holy Basil that we find so intriguing. Herbs such as St. John‘s Wort improve mood. Kava can induce an altered state of consciousness, and passion flower and valerian can sedate. But this is all different from Holy Basil. In India, meditative techniques have been taught and practiced for thousands of years for the purpose of experiencing higher states of consciousness. An unshakable internal balance and a more comprehensive perspective characterize higher I states of consciousness. When our perspective is broader, we see "the bigger picture," and many of the incidences that used to trigger stress are no longer perceived as significant difficulties. Stress is created or avoided by our internal reaction to a situation. Holy Basil nourishes and soothes the root cause of stress our mind. Because of that, it helps to stop stress reactions before they ever start.

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